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Evo changing Website script

Evo changing Website script

Admin Features

1. **Dashboard:** Admin can view manual deposits, pending withdrawal requests, and pending KYCs. They can also see basic website data, statistics for the last 7 days of deposits and investments, recently registered users, and latest investments.

2. **Customers:** Admin can manage all registered users, including active and disabled users. They can send messages to all users, edit customer details, and add or subtract balance from any user.

3. **KYC Management:** Admin can set and review user KYC forms.

4. **Notifications:** Admin can view all notifications.

5. **Manage Roles and Manage Staffs:** Admin can add roles and assign permissions. They can also add new staff and assign roles with permissions.

6. **Manage Schema:** Admin can set new schedules and manage investment plans or packages.

7. **Transactions:** Admin can view all transactions.

8. **Investments:** Admin can monitor all investments.

9. **User Profits:** Admin can explore user profits.

10. **Automatic Gateways:** Admin can manage automatic payment gateways for deposits and withdrawals.

11. **Deposits:** Admin can edit automatic deposit methods, set manual deposit methods, and review manual deposit requests.

12. **Automatic and Manual Withdrawals:** Admin can set automatic and manual withdrawal methods.

13. **Manage Referral:** Admin can set referral targets and assign them to deposit and investment bounties.

14. **User Rankings:** Admin can set ranking levels with a badge system.

15. **Landing Page:** Admin can manage home page sections.

16. **Page Settings:** Admin can update page breadcrumb images.

17. **Pages:** Admin can manage page contents and add new custom pages.

18. **Site Navigation:** Admin can handle site navigation.

19. **Footer Contents:** Admin can manage footer contents.

20. **Settings:** Admin can handle global settings, permissions, site fees, limits and bonuses, site maintenance, GDPR settings, and email configurations.

21. **Language Settings:** Admin can set any language.

22. **Email Templates:** Admin can send emails to users for their activities.

23. **Theme Management:** Admin can activate and upload themes.

24. **All Subscribers:** Admin can see all subscribers and send messages to them.

25. **Support Tickets:** Admin can explore all support tickets.

26. **Custom CSS:** Admin can add custom CSS code.

27. **Clear Caches:** Admin can clear caches.

28. **Application Details:** Admin can explore application details.

**User Features:**

1. **Dashboard:** Users can view their main and profit wallets, submit KYC, view ranking levels and referrals, explore statistics, and view recent transactions.

**Key Features:**

1. **Customer Management**
2. **Support Ticket**
3. **KYC Management**
4. **User & Admin Notifications**
5. **Login as User**
6. **Staff Management**
7. **Role Management**
8. **Advanced Plan Management**
9. **Invested Plan Cancellation**
10. **Plan Off Day system**
11. **Landing Page**
12. **Fully Responsive**
13. **Dark and Light Mode**
14. **User Profit**
15. **Automatic Gateways**
16. **Automatic and Manual Deposit**
17. **Automatic & Manual Withdraw**
18. **Crypto and Fiat Currency**
19. **2FA Verification**
20. **Multi-Level Referral with Tree**
21. **Target Based Referral**
22. **User Rankings System**
23. **Admin URL changeable**
24. **User Ranking System**
25. **Rankings Badge**
26. **User Fund Transfer**
27. **Signup Bonus**
28. **Referral Bonus**
29. **Rankings Bonus**
30. **Main and Profit Wallets**
31. **Fund Add and Subtract all the Wallets**
32. **Wallet Exchange**
33. **Landing Page Management**
34. **Pages Management**
35. **Home page redirection**
36. **SMS Settings**
37. **Page Management**
38. **Pages SEO**
39. **Site Navigation**
40. **Site Footer**
41. **Custom Site Currency**
42. **Notification with tone**
43. **Theme Management**
44. **Dynamic Landing Theme**
45. **Site Maintenance Mode**
46. **GDPR Settings**
47. **Language Settings**
48. **Tawk Chat**
49. **Google reCaptcha**
50. **Google Analytics**
51. **Email Newsletter**
52. **Custom CSS**
53. **Clear Caches**
54. **Application Details**

**System Requirements:**

- Laravel >=9.3
- PHP >= 8.1
- MySQL 5.7+

    39٬999٫00₹ سعر عادي
    14٬999٫00₹سعر البيع
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