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Pater - Shopify 2.0 theme for pet and pet food stores

Pater - Shopify 2.0 theme for pet and pet food stores

Pater - Shopify 2.0 theme for pet and pet food storesDo you want to create an amazing Pet Shop Store website? Are you tired of testing and evaluating issues? Choose the Shopify 2.0 Adaptable Theme for pet stores and pet food, a completely versatile theme you can use to create the website

You need.

Create your own online store of products, pet food, pet toys, etc. The Pater theme is designed for pet shops, veterinarians, animal food, dog food, cat food and pet caregivers, but with some new illustrations, you can also take the pets out and replace them with something else, for example: children in a playground for a care center or play group...

Characteristics of the To

  • Powerful customization
  • Automatic price change
  • Quick view of the colors of the products
  • Quick view of the smart product
  • Advanced navigation by layers
  • Google sources unlimited
  • Identity of the site
  • Header and foot style options
  • Incredible built-in slider
  • Unlimited colors
  • Optimized for SEO
  • New labels, populular, on offer.
  • Multiple coin
  • Amazing design variations
  • Newsletter
  • Responsive and ready for Retina
  • Shopping cart in the header
  • Multiple adhesive header styles
  • Add to cart and wish list
  • Ajax Pagination and integrated Ajax toolbar
  • Ajax Grid & List view
  • Previous and next functionality for the product display page
  • Sliding blocks to increase sales of related products and products
  • Builcing product zoo
  • Bestselling product
  • Back button to the beginning
  • Color selector and background patterns
  • Flass
  • Grid/list view
  • Tab - Additional information for individual product attributes
  • Slider brand logo
  • Sliding control of built-in blog posts
  • Icons FontAwesome
  • Import with one click
  • Support for several browsers
  • Customer reviews
  • Contact
  • Carrusel of products
  • HTML5 and CSS3 and CSS Sass
  • Social networks
  • Well documented
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